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Biz3_150xHThe purpose of this section is to give the visitors of this website a rough idea about our business philosophy and the way we conduct business. It shall help you to judge if it's worth to get in contact with us for further conversations. Actual terms and conditions might vary depending on the task/project needs and they will be explicitly stated in the project proposal and quote.

We are always open to discuss ways of collaborations, trying to create and good working environments for both sides.





Our business philosophy is to be fair, honest. Our goal is to create a working environment and relationship where both sides feel comfortable. This, we achieve through our knowhow, professionalism, innovation, highest flexibility and customer orientation. Our commitment is first understand our customers’ expectations then, to meet or exceed those expectations by performing the correct tasks defect free, on time, every time.


Though we cannot be at your side all the time, we make sure that we keep a good level of communication with you and let you know if something occurs that you should be aware of. Our primary method of communications is in writing using email, meeting minutes, electronic tracking tool (Mantis) and version controlled documents (Subversion) that allow us to easily keep a record of any discussions, requirement change and Releases.

Should you require a phone or face to face conversation, we can of course do that too, provided we can find a suitable location and agree on a time to meet. We uses Skype for long distance call, in addition to that we have also local customer services numbers in some countries setup for your convenience.


Most engineering services conducted in our offices (telecommuting, we do GREEN Engineering) and it also allows us to keep our rates low. Some local businesses visited regularly.

Contract Types

Our customer can choose between single developments tasks, partial development or full product development under CISIUM management.

Usually we work project/fix price based, this means that we prepare based on customer requirements a Statement of Work with cost and timing. Based on the quotation the customer can decide to move forward or not.

Contracts per time or head will be studied case by case.


Prices vary depending the type, complexity, required expertise and duration of a task or project. In general, as a guideline, you will need to differentiate between Contract work and consulting work. Contract work is where you tell us what you need done and how (e.g. drafting tasks). Consulting work consists of you telling us what the goal is and we'll give you ways of how that can be achieved. Contract work is usually cheaper.

All requests will be studied to be able to give you the most accurate and fair proposal. We will give you a proposal with fix price to do the work. If the effort is bigger, then we will absorb.

In order to reduce costs, make sure that you have done whatever you can to provide detailed instructions. The more information we have to start out with the less time it will take us to complete a task. Having a good and detailed scope of work and/or your product requirements will shorten extremely the time for clarification and avoid misunderstandings which finally will be reflected in the project cost.

Payment Terms

Payment terms depend on the duration of the project and pre-financing requirements (e.g. material).  For specific material and tooling we will ask for down payment, engineering cost is payable based on completion of milestones previously agreed.

Change of Scope

Change to the scope of the project after award must be done in writing and accepted by both parties. Every change of the scope will internally trigger a change request study including cost and timing impact and will be submitted to the customer for approval.

Quality of Work

Every attempt is made to meet or exceed the expectations of the client. If the result does not meet the expectations, CISIUM, Inc. will revise on their own cost to meet the intent, if this is in line with the description of work agreed upon.

Additional Legal Questions

If there are additional questions regarding legal or contractual issues, it is imperative that these are asked prior to commencing a project. CISIUM, Inc. will not be held liable for unclear or open items.

Request for Quotation

There is no such thing as a formal or informal request. We treat all requests for quotes, proposals or information with the same level of urgency and professionalism. When we give you for example a quote or proposal, we put every effort into representing it accurately and fairly what means from our side that we have to spend a lot of time in requirement review, investigation and preparation of a quotation which might take up to 4-6weeks in case it involves manufacturing and purchasing and due to this fact we expect from you that requests are equally professional from person and companies that are seriously interested to work with us.

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