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Embedded System Infrastructure

Embedded SystemRegarding the Electrical and Electronic Services that CISIUM offers, our higher expertise is the development and implementation of low cost embedded system without compromising the quality. Low cost due on our location Cebu, Philippines a country with a low labor rate and a huge pool of engineers, and high quality thanks to our background in the automotive sector with European management.

The embedded development is a complex activity that requires the coordination of many activities and very different know-how, we can identify the next mayor activities.


The engineering department take cares of the design in conjunction with other departments and of course the customer requirements.

  • Mechanical: defines the mechanical aspects of the systems, model in 3D the shape of the system, creates a case for the hardware, selects the material and interacts with the mold manufacturer.
  • Hardware: define the electrical and electronic requirements, selects the electronic components and subsystems, design the electronic schematics and creates the PCB boards.
  • Software: define the functional requirements of the system, define the firmware architecture and the PC application architecture if it is required and perform codification, and software validation.

Also it is required some interdepartmental collaboration in order to design properly the embedded system,  like mechanical - PCB interaction, hardware - software interface, product specifications and specific documentation (FMEA, FTA, etc.)


It is complex activity involving many different specialties, usually we can identify the next key points:

  • Purchasing: it is one of the most important activities, since the purchasing of the electronic material BOM has a big impact in the final product. The purchasing usually is done by EMS companies, sometimes the customer takes care to the material and deliver to the assembly company.
  • PCB: specialized companies in PCB manufacturing are required for this matter. There are available PCB with many layers, mixed thinness, flexible, controlled impedance, etc.
  • Electronic subassembly: it is required companies with high expertise in the assembly of electronic components to the PCB. Expensive machine of SMD mounting and soldering are required, the latest packages like BGA and PoP requires high precision and X-ray machines for inspection. Special attention must be taken for manual assembly parts.
  • Metallic parts: sometimes full custom metallic parts are required that needs stamping tooling and near communication with companies specialized in metallic parts.
  • Plastics parts: in similar way to the metallic parts, it is required specified companies to create the molds and to inject the plastic to get an appropriate case. Based on the dimension of the plastic and requirements of precision, the mold can be a very expensive tool, so especial attention must be taken from the mechanical department.
  • Packaging and manual: nowadays all professional finished embedded systems come with a packaging and a instruction manual, so many companies specialized in that matter must be included in the manufacturing management.
  • Final assembly: sometimes done by the EMS or specialized companies. It consists in the assemble of all the pervious mentioned parts, and ship it to the final customer. Some typical actives included are to perform an end of line test, programming the firmware in the microcontroller , quality inspections, etc.


The big amount of activities describes previous requires a coordination.  There are many types of management, mainly we can identify the next:

  • Engineering management: it consists in the management of the engineering like hardware, software and mechanical.
  • Program management: it takes care of the health of an specific project, it ensures that an certain project fulfills the defined milestones, the finances are under control and the product is working as it is specified.
  • Manufacturing management:  it is required a team of manage the correct manufacturing of an embedded system. It depends of the grade of modularity, many managers will be in the manufacturing chain.


This is a brief summary of the infrastructure required in order to design and implement and manufacture embedded system, every point could be explained further and more detailed, some explanations maybe not correct in specific cases. Of course, every case must be studied separately to find out the best solution per each project.

Are you thinking to create a embedded system?, like PC peripherals, communication gateway,  control units, RF sensors, micro computers, point of sales, robots, LCD panels, modules with GSM, GPRS communications... feel free to contact to CISIUM for sure we can help you.

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