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CISIUM in PSECE 2011Last Wednesdays, June 01, 2011 was again the moment when the biggest annual convention and exhibition of the leading companies in the Philippine semiconductor and electronics industries opened the door for three days for exhibitors and visitors at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

No doubt that CISIUM, an extraordinary engineering service provider specialized in embedded electronic products, PC/Web application, automation and instrumentation unique in the Philippines, had to be part of the event with the intent to promote our business, meet clients and suppliers and to learn about new industrial technologies and trends in the sector.

For those who are not familiar with the Philippines electronic and semiconductor industry allow me to emphasize that the Philippine Semiconductor and Electronics Industry is the driver of the Philippine economy. The industry accounts for 2/3 of the total Philippine exports (US$2.27 billion electronics exports in 2010) with more than half millions directly employed engineers, technicians and operators.


The PSECE overall was good, primarily relevant to electronic level electronic components such as test system, semiconductor suppliers, too many trading companies, and finally a lot of solar panel technology.

Especially the solar industry had this year a very strong present hoping that the Philippine government sets required legal environment for the industry by implementing a revised of the Energy Sources Acts implementing a feed-in law and promoting renewable market.

Overall the electronic and semiconductor industry is mainly dominated by manufacturing taking advantage of the strategic location, skills and cost competitive human resources. Electronics and Software development in Philippines plays an insignificant role so far we hope that with the growing electronics and semiconductors industry moves Philippines more and more in the focus as engineering services outsourcing alternative to among others like India, China and East Europe countries.

Cisium management has more than 15 years’ experience in development of electrical and electronic products solution for automotive, industrial, consumer and medical sector. Our customers appreciate very much our professionalism, discipline, competence, flexibility, and quality product services at a competitive cost.

We are looking for professional client for long term relationship that is seeking quality engineering and Software services like we provide.

We'd be glad to discuss and explore potential synergies, and propose you how CISIUM can best satisfy your needs. It is really worth to try us out.

General Manager
Luis Martinez

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