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Electrical, Electronic and Software Projects

ProjectsCISIUM's management as employee in previous companies and under CISIUM has many years working experience in the industrial and automotive sector with a high degree in customers satisfaction. CISIUM is focused in embedded products and their support services like data collect servers, anyway we have done electrical installations, PC hardware products, marketing web sites, etc.

This section is divided in two big categories; the main one is Electrical and Electronic projects covering automotive and industrial products, the second one is Software, related to PC and web applications, where can be find out some of our developed web sites.

Software projectsThe demand for a centralized, location-independent processing and managing of information and processes makes an interface to the World Wide Web essential. Our focus is not the typical web design, but the development of appropriate solutions to bridge between the embedded world and the WWW.

We offer an integral web site service, covering the design and building of the site, hosting in best in class providers, domain registration, marketing strategies, backups management, email management, FTP account, etc.


Electric & Electronic

Our Electrical and Electronic portfolio covers many specialties, like embedded, industrial automation and instrumentation. Very often they are interrelated, for instance, one embedded product can be integrate in an industrial automation system. Some examples are:

Industrial automation; we designed industrial machines located in the production lines of car makers; we used robots, PLC, motors drivers, power supplies, etc.

Embedded electronic instrumentation, like 4 channel scope, centralized analog measurement system and distributed multipurpose control and acquisition system. Those projects were controlled with an external computer.

Other embedded modules, used for controlling and measuring, like Smart Junction Boxes, the most complex designs in term of quality and robustness.

Nowadays our portfolio is growing day by day, taking advantage of our own technologies like our development platforms for embedded and multimedia purposes, our expertise in operation system and our extensive list of available peripherals.

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