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Embedded Electronic Units for Wiring Harness

Embedded Electronic Units for Wiring Harness

The electrical wiring harness is a pre-assembled product that consists of a number of wires, connectors, splices, tubes, grommets, etc. It is assembled in the wiring harness plants and later on shipped to the car manufacturer for the assembly into the vehicle. The wiring harness is tested in the final stage of the fabrication process against the drawing to ensure that compliance (e.g. missing components, wrong connections, terminal locking, and so on).

For the purpose of testing all connection are plugged to mating plug of the tester. The objective of this project was to develop a set of standard circuits for testing that were embedded in the mating plug to increase the flexibility and usability.

[Year: 2004-2006; Market: Instrumentation; Product group: Measurement Equipment]

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