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Electric & Electronic

Our Electrical and Electronic portfolio covers many specialties, like embedded, industrial automation and instrumentation. Very often they are interrelated, for instance, one embedded product can be integrate in an industrial automation system. Some examples are:

Industrial automation; we designed industrial machines located in the production lines of car makers; we used robots, PLC, motors drivers, power supplies, etc.

Embedded electronic instrumentation, like 4 channel scope, centralized analog measurement system and distributed multipurpose control and acquisition system. Those projects were controlled with an external computer.

Other embedded modules, used for controlling and measuring, like Smart Junction Boxes, the most complex designs in term of quality and robustness.

Nowadays our portfolio is growing day by day, taking advantage of our own technologies like our development platforms for embedded and multimedia purposes, our expertise in operation system and our extensive list of available peripherals.

4 Channels PC Based Scope

4 Channels PC Based Scope

PC based oscilloscope solution taking advantage of PC capabilities in data processing and graphical visualization. The scope was implemented by a standalone acquisition module, capable to handle up to 4 channels at 400 V. The information was send to the PC using the maxium speed capacity of the RS232 port. Finally the data was processed and shown to the user using an application in Visual C++ under Windows.

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Application of Sealing Compound to Windshield Process

Application of Sealing Compound to Windshield Process

This machine applies sealing compound to a car windshield during and is parts of the fabrication process of a car manufacturing plant. The system consists of two units, the first is a heated pump for preparation of the compound and the other is a system consisting of Cartesian axes that applies the compound to the windshield.

[Year: 2000-2001; Market: Automation; Product group: Industrial machinery]

Metal Sheet Pilling Stacker Supplying Several Molding Presses

Metal Sheet Pilling Stacker

The system consists of metal sheet stacker and several molding presses whose are supplied by a robot. The system was realized using safety automatism from PILZ and wiring with emergency mechanism complying high requirements in safety. 4 of those systems were installed at Ford Valencia.

[Year: 1999-2000; Market: Automation; Product group: Industrial machinery]

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