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Our Electrical and Electronic portfolio covers many specialties, like embedded, industrial automation and instrumentation. Very often they are interrelated, for instance, one embedded product can be integrate in an industrial automation system. Some examples are:

Industrial automation; we designed industrial machines located in the production lines of car makers; we used robots, PLC, motors drivers, power supplies, etc.

Embedded electronic instrumentation, like 4 channel scope, centralized analog measurement system and distributed multipurpose control and acquisition system. Those projects were controlled with an external computer.

Other embedded modules, used for controlling and measuring, like Smart Junction Boxes, the most complex designs in term of quality and robustness.

Nowadays our portfolio is growing day by day, taking advantage of our own technologies like our development platforms for embedded and multimedia purposes, our expertise in operation system and our extensive list of available peripherals.

RF Identification System

RF Identification System

This is a customize solution for a mid range RFID. The purpose of this product is to detect and record automatically the attendance of field staff. For example it good be used construction workers in a construction area , home nurses add patient site, or field staff visiting any other customer site.

The system consistent of a control unit mounted in the field and ID units that are worn by the field staff. Each ID unit has a unique Identifier. The system uses a proprietary protocol and registers ID, IN and OUT  timestamp of the field personal and passes the information to the internet to a data collector server for further processing.

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Embedded Electronic Units for Wiring Harness

Embedded Electronic Units for Wiring Harness

The electrical wiring harness is a pre-assembled product that consists of a number of wires, connectors, splices, tubes, grommets, etc. It is assembled in the wiring harness plants and later on shipped to the car manufacturer for the assembly into the vehicle. The wiring harness is tested in the final stage of the fabrication process against the drawing to ensure that compliance (e.g. missing components, wrong connections, terminal locking, and so on).

For the purpose of testing all connection are plugged to mating plug of the tester. The objective of this project was to develop a set of standard circuits for testing that were embedded in the mating plug to increase the flexibility and usability.

[Year: 2004-2006; Market: Instrumentation; Product group: Measurement Equipment]

Distributed Acquisition System

Distributed Acquisition System

This project is a distributed system for the detection of clip in wire harness systems. The system was capable to handle up to 2048 detections points. In the main board was also integrated few relays and some opto-couplers. It was created 2 versions of main boars, one with RS485 and the second one for USB 1.1. The system was controlled with an external computer.

[Year: 2002-2003; Market: Instrumentation; Product group: Measurement Equipment]

Audio Module Controlled by FPGA

Audio Module Controlled by FPGAThe project consists to control audio module with a programmable device the FPGA. We have chosen an excerpt from Ode to Joy from the Ninth Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony to provide an example of application. The next level of implementation was the implement a synthesizer using the PC keyboard.

The FPGA model used is a manufacturer EPF8282A ALTERA. This family component is FLEX 8000, provides 282 records, 208 logic cells and 64 pins of I/O.

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Modular System for Data Acquisition

Modular System for Data AcquisitionIt is a modular system for the end of line testing (EOL) of wiring harnesses in the automotive sector. The system allows the analog measuring for wire harness testing. It is capable to handle up to 4000 points simultaneously. It is controlled with a PC running an application done in Visual C++. The communication of the system with the PC is done with USB 1.1. The system was implemented with a passive back plane using a property physical layer protocol.

There are two common configurations, one is to perform continuity test using digital IO card with predefined threshold detection, the other is to perform pure analog testing using a DMM and analog switch matrixes. The two configurations can be mixed.

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