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Software Projects

Software projectsThe demand for a centralized, location-independent processing and managing of information and processes makes an interface to the World Wide Web essential. Our focus is not the typical web design, but the development of appropriate solutions to bridge between the embedded world and the WWW.

We offer an integral web site service, covering the design and building of the site, hosting in best in class providers, domain registration, marketing strategies, backups management, email management, FTP account, etc.


Online Mental Coaching Services Web Site

The website offers online health coaching to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and to facilitate the achievement of their health-related goals and is specialized in alternative medicine. life balance, nutrition, relaxation and mental training. With the motto "You do not know to what you are capable. Find it out!.

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Online Engineering Consulting and Video Seminars Web Site

This web site is dedicated to the teaching of Electro Magnetic compatibility (EMC), Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI), protection against static electricity discharges, (ESD) and techniques to be controlled the electromagnetic interference in circuits containing logic high-speed microcontrollers.

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Wi-Fi Home Automation

Wi-Fi Home Automation Web ServerThere are many automation systems in the marked, but only one exclusively based on Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) and oriented for a home environment, it is coming from the hand of CISIUM.

In this article we explain and provide the material for an open source and open hardware Wi-Fi Home automation system; this is our contribution for the community.

The principles of our proposal are:

  • Easy to use, targeted for people without technical background.
  • Without the necessity of any technician to install the automation system.
  • Based on a standard wireless communication: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11).
  • Taking advantage of already exiting standard IT infrastructures: router, access points, etc.
  • With smart phone / tables support and interaction.
  • Capable to integrated 3rd party Wi-Fi devices.
  • Affordable.
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Online Jewelry Web Site Shop

This web site is an electronic shop for the Spanish market where the audience cans buy online jewelry and accessories. The website is divided into a home with a welcome, short shop introduction and customer log-in and new account menu followed by a category product, about us and contact information sheet. The website included an e-commerce module that handles the customer accounts, purchase baskets, discounts, inventory, invoices, shipping and payment status.

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