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Software Projects

Software projectsThe demand for a centralized, location-independent processing and managing of information and processes makes an interface to the World Wide Web essential. Our focus is not the typical web design, but the development of appropriate solutions to bridge between the embedded world and the WWW.

We offer an integral web site service, covering the design and building of the site, hosting in best in class providers, domain registration, marketing strategies, backups management, email management, FTP account, etc.


CISIUM Company Web Site


The CISIUM company web site is the site you are currently looking at. It was designed and developed by us with the purpose of presenting our company CISIUM and to provide to the audience information about us with regards to who we are, what services do we offer, our experiences and how to contact us.

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Personal Blog


This web site is the personal blog of one of the founders of CISIUM. It is based on Word Press the most famous and used blog framework in the World. Word press not only is good for blogs, can be used to implement full reach generic web site with and active online community.

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Intellectual Social Community Web Site

The NEURON is a noncommercial website to share ideas, findings and thoughts promoting sciences, philosophy and arts. The site is an excellent example for a blog type website, where a user are able to write and comment articles, shares photos and links. The site has also included links and headline feeds and an integrated photo gallery. The integrated community builder make this site social and allows users to interact with other user similar to sites e.g. Facebook or Friendster.

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