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Electrical, Electronic and Software Technologies

Electronic ServicesAs Electrical, Electronic ans Software Services provicer, CISIUM objective is to offer excellent and competitive electronic development services, helping our customers to launch new products to market as fast as possible shortening the return of investment time and strengthening our customer market position.

In our electronic design we follow a modular architecture approach, it is based on some of our development platforms and selecting the most appropriate operation system depending on the product requirements. This allows us to carry over existing architecture and functionality and just to focus on the specific application and new features shortening the time to market and development cost.

Development Platforms The CISIUM development platforms are hardware frameworks with the best solution in the markets for different functionalities. Based on results of previous conducted research, we can offer to our customer a fast answer confident we are giving them the best, the highest performance and quality.

Our development platforms are the foundations that allow CISIUM to be more competitive compared to our competitors in terms of time to market, price, functionality, compatibility, smooth migration to higher performance and availability of many semiconductor manufacturers.

You can consider our development platforms like a complex puzzle of functionalities. Our customers select the pieces and we customize the design to fulfill their requirements. If we don’t have the functionality needed, then we will find out the best option collaborating  with  our pool of associated engineering company.

Most of our development platforms are designed around ARM microcontrollers. This 32 bits architecture is the most used on the market for embedded application, expanding day by day and used by all major semiconductors manufacturers like: NXP, Atmel, Texas Instruments, ST Microelectronics, Samsung, Analog Devices, Toshiba, etc.

The usage of ARM microcontrollers allows CISIUM to choose the best microcontrollers of the market, assuring amazing price, excellent performance, low battery consumption, great compatibility between manufacturers, reutilization of software development tools, smooth migration between platforms and silicon manufacturers, long term availability of semiconductors and a huge development community.

Operation Systems The key part for our development platforms are our expertise and experience in the integration and utilization of a full reach operation systems. We believe that the age of naked microcontrollers running the customer applications without operation systems is something of the past, highly emphasized by the fact of cost down of the ARM architecture (32 bits) and the general requirements for much functionality in the system.

We use Linux as our main operation system; our expertise on it allows us to keep in a strong position regarding our competitors in terms of time to market, price since it is free, extensive set of functionalities, high software quality thanks to the extensive community and user friendly.

We understand that Linux is too big for very deep embedded applications, so in that cases we use a very light Real Time Operation System (RTOS) provided by the Open Source community. We use the best alternative in the market under the free royalties’ license for embedded applications, with a high quality code and much functionality.

We are very confident that giving to our valuable customer a best in class operation system for their applications, the satisfaction will be complete in terms of quality, response time, real time if required, and price.


If we see CISIUM development platforms as the heart of the finish product solution, and the operation system the brain, the peripherals are the extremities of the system, which allow interaction with the world. We provide to our customers an extensive list of available peripherals using the best in class hardware and software to maximum satisfaction.

We have three categories of peripherals, related to the wired communications, for wireless communications and multimedia.

Wired communication: Ethernet (10/100Mbps),USB: (USB Host, USB Device and USB OTG. Variants USB 1.1 or USB 2.0), Modem (dat, fax, voice), RS232, RS422, RS485, etc.

Wireless communication: WiFi (802.11b and 802.11g), Bluetooth (2.0 and 3.0), GSM (Quad EGSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz), GPRS (class 10 and coding schema 1 to 4), GPS (standards NMEA 0183), etc.

Multimedia: Graphical LCD:  (gray-scale or color 16/18 and 24 bits, Optional touch screen), Alphanumeric LCD, CMOS Camera (Available up to 4 Mpixels), Audio (I2C bus, stereo audio coder-decoder), etc.

Processors We are specialized in 32 bits processors based on ARM cores from NXP and Samsung, the best solution for a high performance and low cost applications. When the products extremely price sensitive or low performance, we use 8 or 16 bits processors from Microchip manufacturer.

ARM is the industry's leading provider of 32-bit embedded microprocessors, offering a wide range of processors based on a common architecture that deliver high performance, industry leading power efficiency and reduced system cost. Combined with the broadest ecosystem in the industry with over 750 Partners delivering silicon, tools and software, the wide portfolio of more than 20 processors are able to meet every application challenge. With more than 20 Billion processors already created and in excess of 10 million shipped every day, ARM truly is The Architecture for the Digital World.

With over 400 PIC microcontrollers, Microchip can provide solutions for the entire performance range of 8-bit / 16-bit PIC MCUs. Microchip offers flexible memory technologies, easy-to-use development tools, comprehensive technical documentation and design support with a worldwide sales and distribution network.

Development toolsFor a company focused on the Electrical, Electronic and Software Services, the software tools are fundamental for the business development, we use the best in class tools in order to provide the most appropriate service to our customers. We use our standard tools very good positioned in the market, but always we are open to use the tools that our clients wants. Our tools are categorized in 2 big areas:

Related to design of hardware development. We have Electronic Design Automation (EDA or ECAD) for designing of electronic systems and generic Computer Aided Design (CAD) for electric design.

In the area of software development. We have specialized Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded systems and generic IDE for PC and web applications.

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