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XILINX CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit

CoolRunnerII_150xHThe new CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit is a versatile and powerful platform for Xilinx CPLDs for low power applications-oriented and high volume. This system allows CISIUM provide a complementary technology to the existing one, adding extra value in embedded electronic design and opening the door to VHDL and Verilog programming.

Unique features such as DataGATE™ and CoolCLOCK allow designers to reduce power consumption to as low as 28uW of standby power, which is critical in extending battery life for the latest handheld consumer electronics as well as commercial level remote devices. With up to 323 MHz  performance, the industry’s highest I/O count per macrocell and superior clock management, designers no longer have to make drastic trade-offs between low power and high performance.

The board features are:

  • A 256 macrocell CoolRunner-II CPLD in a TQ-144 package (XC2C256-TQ144)
  • An on-board USB port for board power, CPLD programming, and user data transfers
  • An on-board three-channel 16-bit Δ−Σ A/D converter that measures real-time current on VCCINT and the two VCCIO banks during board operation (data is sent to the PC for display via the USB cable)
  • A user-configurable silicon oscillator (1000/100/10 kHz), plus a socket for a second crystal oscillator
  • 64 I/O signals available on expansion connectors (32 on exoansion connectors; 32 on a parallel connector)
  • Pads for an on-board SPI PROM

The platform is easily expandable. The Peripheral Module Bundle includes eight different modules selected to add useful features to the CoolRunner™-II Starter Kit:

  • Parallel LCD Display Module (16x2 character)
  • 8-bit, 1 MSa/s analog to digital converter, 2 channels
  • 12-bit, 1 Msa/s digital to analog converter, 2 channels
  • H-bridge amplifier for DC motor drive, 12V, 2A
  • Connector module for driving up to four servo motors
  • 1W stereo amplifier module
  • 16-Mbit serial Flash module
  • Open Collector peripheral module
  • RS-232 serial port module

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