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openPICUS FlyPort Wi-Fi Module with Nest Expansion Board

FlyPort Wi-Fi ModuleThe connection of electronic embedded products to internet is one of the biggest trends of many things that surround us.

CISIUM has joint to the openPICUS platform made of the free software IDE and modular hardware - modules and expansions - in order to let your systems to be connected and controlled from anywhere. This technology offers an easy way to connect and control embedded systems over Internet through a custom webserver or the standard TCP/IP services. The platform is composed by:

  • openPICUS IDE: a free development tool for creating, compiling and downloading applications (firmware), for importing web pages and interacting with the Communication Stack
  • Bootloader: it's loaded on modules and allows to download firmware on them with no need of investing in expensive hardware programming systems.
  • Hardware: modules and expansion boards (Nests) for creating complex systems.

FlyPORT is not simply a serial to Wi-Fi solution, but a smart module with no need of an external host processor as it combines Processor power (Microchip PIC24F 256K Flash) with Connectivity (Microchip Wi-Fi certified transceiver).

A wide range of wireless applications can be easily developed and run on FlyPORT with openPICUS IDE and no Wi-Fi expertise is needed. The IDE allows to focus on application as openPICUS framework, which is based on freeRTOS, manages the Wireless stack and its events.

FlyPORT is available with PCB antenna or with uFL Connector to use an external antenna.

FlyPORT provides the following services: Webserver, TCP Socket, UDP Socket, SMTP Client, SNTP Client.


  • 16 Bit Processor PIC24FJ256,256K Flash,16K Ram,16Mips@32Mhz
  • Transceiver 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi certified MRF24WB0MB
  • Power Supply 5V or 3,3V, integrated LDO
  • Integrated RTC 32,768 KHz quartz onboard
  • Digital I/O up to 18, remappable at Runtime
  • Analog In up to 4, 10bits ADC, Vref=2,048V
  • Communication up to 4 UART, 2 SPI, 1 I2C
  • Connector 26 ways, 2 rows, standard 2.54mm male pin header
  • Dimensions 35 x 48 x 7 mm, 11 grams

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