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Embedded Artists LPC31xx Developer's Kit

LPC31xx Development PlatformThe LPC31xx Development Platform provides an entire range of solutions for devices hosting rich Operation System platform and user application ranging from ultra-low-cost handset through smart phones, mobile computing platforms, and set-top boxes through enterprise networking, printers and server solutions.

The platform supports all the NXP LPC31xx family. The family is is based on the ARM ARM926EJ-S processor that features the Java acceleration technology (Jazelle) enhanced 32 bits RISC CPU, flexible size instruction and data caches, tightly coupled memory (TCM) interfaces and memory management unit (MMU). The LPC3130 is the cheapest ARM926EJ-S processor in the market.


This platform can be used in a wide list of applications:
  • Computing: Netbooks, Smartbooks, Tables, eReader.
  • Mobile headset: Smartphones, Features phones.
  • Digital Home: Set-top box, Digital TC, Blue-Ray player, Gamming consoles.
  • Automotive: Infotainment, Navigation.
  • Enterprise: LaserJet printers, routers, wireless base stations, VOIP phones.

The ARM926EJ-S processor is the entry point processor capable of supporting a full Operating System such as Linux, Android, Windows CE, and Symbian. An ideal choice for many applications, the ARM926EJ-S processor is one of the most popular ARM processors.

  • 200 pos SODIMM connector for LPC3141 OEM Board.
  • Expansion connector to display options.
  • 3 Expansion connectors with all cpu signals.
  • Ethernet (RJ45) connector.
  • MMC/SD interface & connector.
  • USB OTG or Host connectors.
  • 3.5mm Audio connectors (mic in, 2x line out, headphone out).
  • JTAG connector.
  • 3 terminal screw connector for battery.
  • 2.1mm Power input.
  • Power supply, either via USB or external 9-15V DC.
  • LPC3141 OEM Board is powered with +5V.
  • 100/10Mbps Ethernet interface (DM9000 based).
  • UDA1380 I2S codec with mic in, line in, line out, and headphone out.
  • Current monitors on input power voltages.
  • 5-key joystick.
  • 3 axis accelerometer.
  • 8 LEDs (via I2C).
  • Trimpot analog input.
  • USB-to-serial bridge on UART.
  • RS232 alternative interface on UART.
  • XBee™ RF-module alternative interface on UART.
  • Reset push-button and LED
  • 205x135 mm in size

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