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Hardware and Software Development Tools

Development toolsFor a company focused on the Electrical, Electronic and Software Services, the software tools are fundamental for the business development, we use the best in class tools in order to provide the most appropriate service to our customers. We use our standard tools very good positioned in the market, but always we are open to use the tools that our clients wants. Our tools are categorized in 2 big areas:

Related to design of hardware development. We have Electronic Design Automation (EDA or ECAD) for designing of electronic systems and generic Computer Aided Design (CAD) for electric design.

In the area of software development. We have specialized Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded systems and generic IDE for PC and web applications.

Keil MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit

keil arm mdkCISIUM is a company specialized in electronic product development based on ARM cores, with the preference in NXP’s implementations. Based on that scenario, a perfect matching is the IDE MDK-ARM originally from Keil, a company bought by ARM.

We like the free version MDK-Lite, fully functional but limited to 32KB, more than enough for a very deep embedded applications. The Keil MDK-ARM is easy to use, efficient, fast to compile, a native tool from ARM than ensures a perfect integration with the latest ARM technologies.

The MDK-ARM is a complete software development environment for Cortex™-M, Cortex-R4, ARM7™ and ARM9™ processor-based devices. MDK-ARM is specifically designed for microcontroller applications, it is easy to learn and use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding embedded applications.

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MonoDevelop: IDE for C# and Other .NET Languages

MonoDevelopThe software development is a fundamental part of CISIUM. The classic approach of only MS Windows development is not any more valid, nowadays the scenario has change a lot and it is required to support new operation systems like Mac, Linux, and mobile platform like iPhone, iPad or Android.

For high level software development our preference is Visual C#, the inconvenience is that only it is natively supported by MS Windows. To provide support to none Windows platform, we have introduce in CISIUM MonoDevelop an IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages.

MonoDevelop enables us to quickly write desktop and ASP.NET Web applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. MonoDevelop makes it easy for developers to port .NET applications created with Visual Studio to Linux and to maintain a single code base for all platforms.

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Code Red LPCXpresso: Software Development Tools

code red LPCXpressoLPCXpresso's IDE (powered by Code Red) is a highly-integrated software development environment for NXP's LPC microcontrollers, which includes all the tools necessary to develop high-quality software solutions in a timely and cost effective fashion. LPCXpresso is based on a simplified Eclipse with many LPC-specific enhancements. It also features the current version of the industry standard GNU tool chain with a proprietary optimized C library. The LPCXpresso IDE can build an executable of any size with full code optimization.

The LPCXpresso Software development tools is one of the CISIUM preferred IDE, based on the Eclipse powerful framework and optimized for NXP Processors, a perfect tool for embedded development.

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XILINX ISE WebPACK Design Software

Xilinx ISEWe have introduced in CISIUM CPLD and FPGA technologies from the number one industry in these devices: XILINX. These advanced programmable hardware devices, are the state of the art in digital design, allowing dynamic reconfiguration of hardware working at speeds never seen before. This new technology perfectly complements our portfolio of development tools and development support leading-edge electronic.

ISE® WebPACK design software is the industry´s only FREE, fully featured front-to-back FPGA design solution for Linux, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. ISE WebPACK is the ideal downloadable solution for FPGA and CPLD design offering HDL synthesis and simulation, implementation, device fitting, and JTAG programming. ISE WebPACK delivers a complete, front-to-back design flow providing instant access to the ISE features and functionality at no cost. Xilinx has created a solution that allows convenient productivity by providing a design solution that is always up to date with error-free downloading and single file installation.

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Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express

C SharpVisual C# 2010 Express is part of the Visual Studio 2010 Express family, a free set of tools that Windows developers at any level can use to create custom applications using basic and expert settings. Visual C# is designed for building a variety of applications that run on the .NET Framework. Visual C# is simple, powerful, type-safe, and object-oriented. With its many innovations, Visual C# enables rapid application development and also retains the expressiveness and elegance of C-style languages.

Visual C# fits perfectly in our portfolio of software development services. It is our preference for development under windows platform; it is scalable, suitable for enterprise applications as well as creating tiny application to support embedded development.

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