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Code Red LPCXpresso: Software Development Tools

code red LPCXpressoLPCXpresso's IDE (powered by Code Red) is a highly-integrated software development environment for NXP's LPC microcontrollers, which includes all the tools necessary to develop high-quality software solutions in a timely and cost effective fashion. LPCXpresso is based on a simplified Eclipse with many LPC-specific enhancements. It also features the current version of the industry standard GNU tool chain with a proprietary optimized C library. The LPCXpresso IDE can build an executable of any size with full code optimization.

The LPCXpresso Software development tools is one of the CISIUM preferred IDE, based on the Eclipse powerful framework and optimized for NXP Processors, a perfect tool for embedded development.


The LPCXpresso Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a C programming environment second to none, with syntax-coloring, source formatting, function folding, online and offline integrated help, extensive project management automation. Features include:

  • Wizards to create projects for all supported microcontrollers
  • Automatic linker script generation including support for microcontroller memory maps
  • Direct download to flash when debugging
  • Built-in datasheet browser
  • Support for NXP LPC family microcontrollers, including Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0, ARM7 and ARM9

Peripheral and Register Views

The peripheral viewer provides complete visibility of all registers and bit-fields in all target peripherals in a simple tree-structured display.

A powerful processor-register viewer is provided that gives access to all processors register and provides smart formatting for complex registers such as flags and status registers.

Summary of LPCXpresso features

  • Simplified Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment.
  • Device-specific support for a range of NXP LPC family microcontrollers including:
    • NXP LPC1100 (Cortex-M0)
    • NXP LPC1300 (Cortex-M3)
    • NXP LPC1700 (Cortex-M3)
    • Selected members of the NXP LPC2000 (ARM7TDMI) family
    • NXP LPC2929 (ARM966)
    • NXP LPC3130 (ARM926-EJ)
    • NXP LPC3250 (ARM926-EJ + VFP)
  • Wizards to create microcontroller programming frameworks, fast.
  • Peripherals views of all supported microcontrollers.
  • Support for LPC-Link and Red Probe debug emulators.
  • No-fuss, single install for complete product.
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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