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Micrium µC/OS-II

Micrium µC/OS-IIWe have a wide experience in the integration and utilization of Micrium µC/OS-II, an excellent property Real Time Operation System.

Some say that µC/OS-II is simple enough for use by a hobbyist, the fact is that Micrium's strict standards were instrumental in creating a Validation Suite for µC/OS-II. As a result, it is successfully implemented in some of the highest level safety-critical devices, including those certified for avionics DO-178B Level A, and EUROCAE ED-12B, medical FDA pre-market notification (510(k)), and pre-market approval (PMA), and SIL 3/SiL4 IEC for transportation and nuclear systems.

If you are that hobbyist, or if you design the highest level of safety critical devices available, or fall anywhere in between, join the ranks of the thousands of engineers that consider Micrium's robust and reliable µC/OS-II their top choice for their embedded designs.


  • Avionics.
  • Medical Equipment/Devices.
  • Data Communications Equipment.
  • White Goods (Appliances).
  • Mobile Handsets.
  • Industrial Controls.
  • Consumer Electronics.
  • Automotive.
  • Other Embedded Applications.

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