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Microchip MRF24WB0MA IEEE 802.11 – Wi-Fi Module

MRF24WB0MA Built-in PCB Antenna IEEE 802.11 – Wi-FiIn CISIUM we understand the importance of RF communications, and more specifically the Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11), a standard communications integrated in modern smart phones, tables and laptops. Now it is available the integration of Wi-FI communications in our embedded systems form the hand of Microchip.

Microchip has added 802.11 wireless communications to its lineup of wireless technologies for the embedded market. The Microchip embedded Wi-Fi module contains the MRF24WB0MA FCC and Wi-Fi certified module.

The Wi‐Fi MRF24WB0MA allows us to quickly create a direct connection to the Internet by seamlessly connecting to standard 802.11b/g access points. In managing the connection, the MRF24WB0MA module controls the MAC and baseband layers and is connected to the host MCU via an SPI port.


  • Compatible with PIC18, PIC24, PIC32 and dsPIC microcontrollers
  • IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless solution compatible with b/g/n routers
  • Supports infrastructure and ad hoc networks
  • MRF24WB0MA small footprint module integrated antenna, MAC, Baseband, RF and power amplifier
  • MRF24WB0MA/B module is FCC, IC, Wi-Fi certified, and ROHS, CE and ETSI compliant, providing considerable cost savings and quick time-to-market
  • License Free TCP/IP stack supporting standard suite of Internet Protocols
  • Built-in EZConfig application to facilitate network provisioning without a keyboard or display
  • Built-in ZeroConf (Bonjour, Avahi) application to simplify human interaction
  • Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security protocols on module
  • Solutions as simple as a single PIC plus Wi-Fi module with power and passives

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