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Electronic Engineering Services

Engineering ServicesThe strategic location in Cebu, Philippines gives CISIUM the access to a huge pool of highly skilled, English language proficient engineers. This fact combined with management professional and technical expertise allows CISIUM to provide excellent electronics engineering services, so far only available to multinational companies that can allow them to setup and maintain their own engineering and development centers in low cost countries.

We make available our extensive experience in hardware engineering to create schematics, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) design, perform calculations, and so on. We also offer engineering services to develop and validate embedded software applications and Windows based software applications to support the embedded system. We are able to design and to manage the manufacturing of electric/electronic modules to support your engineering activities.

Software Engineering Services

Software  We offer software development and validation services that include embedded software, desktop and mobile application development. We follow international standards and recommendations in the software development. We have a strict process reviewing and creating software specifications, define the high and low level software architecture and finally applying the standard unit test, integration test and system test.

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Hardware Engineering Services

Hardware We provide a strong expertise in design, development, test and fabrication of hardware systems. Our clients can leverage between various services offered by us for their hardware development requirements. We are experts in the development and validation of electronic products based on microcontrollers and programmable devices. We are specialists in industrial and automotive environment.

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Mechanical Engineering Services

mechanical150xHWe are specialized in mechanical drawings, conceptual layout, plastics design, assembly and part drawings. We can modify your existing mechanical drawings or create new ones, to your standards, utilizing the latest CAD software. Our mechanical engineers work with multi-discipline skills.

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