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Hardware Engineering Services

Hardware We provide a strong expertise in design, development, test and fabrication of hardware systems. Our clients can leverage between various services offered by us for their hardware development requirements. We are experts in the development and validation of electronic products based on microcontrollers and programmable devices. We are specialists in industrial and automotive environment.

Even though we have a wide experience in many 8 bit architectures like Microchip, Atmel and 8051 architectures, we are focused in 32 bits ARM cores. ARM cores, adapted by many semiconductor manufacturers, allow to CISIUM the utilization of a wide range of microprocessors with a slight migration and short development times.

We are experts in NXP processors, so we are able to provide to our customer applications based on the cheapest 32 bits processor in the market (LPC1111), the cheapest ARM926 to run Linux (LPC3131) or the most powerful ARM Cortex-M3 in the market (LPC1857).


  • Generation of schematics with Electronic Design Automation (EDA or ECAD) tools.
  • Embedded design of most of the microcontrollers on the market (NXP, ARM, 8051 family, Microchip, AVR, Rabbit, ST, Fujitsu, Cypress, Freescale, etc.).
  • Dvelopment of schematic with Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from the mayor suppliers (Xillins, Altera and Lattice).
  • Simulation of digital and analog circuits as well as signal integrity in the PCB.
  • Placement and routing of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using single side or multilayer.
  • Thermal simulation and calculation to obtain thermal maps.
  • Generation of libraries for CAD tools, symbols and footprints or patterns.
  • Automation and support of Bill Of Materials (BOM).
  • Creation of Worst Case Analysis (WCA) to judge the robustness of the electronic design.
  • Support in the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) using the automotive standards (Ford, Nissan, BMW, etc.).
  • Implementation of Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) using qualitative or quantitative approach.
  • Circuit analysis to determine unexpected currents path, Sneak Path Analysis (SPA).
  • Reliability studies of electronic designs using international standards or customer specifications.
  • Support to Request for Quotations (RFQ) activities.
  • Creation of test procedure documentation of In Circuit Test (ICT) or End Of Line (EOL).
  • Component and devices evaluation, searching of equivalents characteristics.
  • Benchmarking of electronic PCBs.
  • Full custom documentation based on requirement.

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