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Software  We offer software development and validation services that include embedded software, desktop and mobile application development. We follow international standards and recommendations in the software development. We have a strict process reviewing and creating software specifications, define the high and low level software architecture and finally applying the standard unit test, integration test and system test.

We are experts in the development, integration and utilization of embedded operation systems. We believe that the most efficient way to take advantage of the current powerful processor in the market is the integration in the system of Operations System (OS). We use Embedded Linux for a high end embedded application when rich multimedia content is required or complex communications. For a very embedded applications we use some of the Real Time Operation System (RTOS) available in the market, like Micrium, ChibiOS/RT or FreeRTOS. 

Even though we have a wide experience in many 8 bit architectures like Microchip, Atmel and 8051 architectures, we are focused in 32 bits ARM cores. ARM cores, adapted by many semiconductor manufacturers, allow to CISIUM the utilization of a wide range of microprocessors with a slight migration and short development times.

We are experts in NXP processors, so we are able to provide to our customer applications based on the cheapest 32 bits processor in the market (LPC1111), the cheapest ARM926 to run Linux (LPC3131) or the most powerful ARM Cortex-M3 in the market (LPC1857).


  • Programming of microcontrollers using ANSI C or C++ for embedded systems.
  • Programming of microcontrollers using  state flow definition.
  • Utilization of commercial embedded Operation Systems (OS). Multitasking pre-emptive OS with mutex, semaphores, messages, files system management (MMC, Flash, IDE, etc.), TCP IP stack and others.
  • Property static embedded OS. It is a multitasking collaborative OS, with a static schedule defined in compilation time. Used for a tiny embedded applications.
  • Development of windows application development using Visual Basic, C++, Visual C++ or C# to support or enhance the embedded system.
  • Driver customization for Windows and Linux.
  • Development of Hardware Description Language (VHDL) for Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from the mayor suppliers (Xillins, Altera and Lattice).
  • Wide experience in the communication protocols. Serial TCP/IP (lwIP), USB, RS232 and RS485. And parallel protocols, Intel, Motorola, GPIB, ISA and PCI.
  • Software validation using automatic tools and definition of validation protocols.

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