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Program Management CISIUM Program management plans, organizes, and manages resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. We have many years of program management experiences working in product development and manufacturing of electronic products for the automotive industries, managing cross functional multinational teams located on different development and manufacturing sites all over the world.

One of the main tasks of our program management during the planning of a new product development is the definition and establishment of the steps necessary to assure that a product satisfies the customer, so called “Product Quality Planning”. Therefore each project are divided into several phases mainly “Planning”, “Prototype”, “Pilot”, “Launch” and “Post Launch”, and each phase includes several element called deliverables (something which has to be delivered). Some deliverables are unique for a certain phase and some are repeated in several phases.


  • Organization of Request For Quotations (RFQ) / Request For Information (RFI) activities and preparation RFQ response to the customer.
  • Establishment of Product Quality Planning.
  • Organization, Planning & Coordination of Team activities.
  • Monitoring and reporting of project status and progress (deliverables, budget, timing).
  • Managing team meeting with customer, supplier, manufacturer.
  • Managing and coordinating requirement changes and impact.
  • Managing & Resolving Conflicts.

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