Financial advisory and asset management

We are independent financial advisors offering financial advice, portfolio management, financial planning, brokers account management, predefined funds and hedge funds.

Financial Services

Financial Advice

We careful listen the specific financial needs and objectives of our clients with the objective to provide bespoke services that fulfils the expectation of our clients.

Portfolio Management

We create, recommend and maintain portfolios of financial products based on stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, or alternative investments to fulfil the investment objectives of our clients.

Financial Planning

We create financial plans adapted to the lifecycle of our customers. This is important because the needs of saving and expenses change along the life of the individuals, due to personal preferences, social conditions and family situation.

Brokers Account Management

We mange our client's brokers account from end to end, so they can focus in the important things in life like family, friends and works.

Are you a financial advisor? Apply for an internship with us

We are looking for passionate individuals in finance, from financial advisors to quantitative analysts.

Let's talk

We are happy to listen your needs and expectations. We are able to create a financial plan adapted to you.

Why Choose Our Financial Services

Experienced Advisors

Advisors with more than 10 years of experience.

Best Services

High competitive financial services with high performance and low cost.

Life Finance

A finance program adapted to you life.

What Our Clients Say

I like to work with Cisium, they are professional and always paying attention to my requests. They care a lot about my portfolio and mange effectively my brokers account.
Mónica Motserrat
Office manager
Raúl Bartolomé is a very dedicated and caring financial advisor. He is willing to adapt my portfolio to my lifestyle. I recommend him a lot.
Jorge Brown
Software developer

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